Legit VCC

Virtual Credit Cards: Your Way to Safer Payments

When there is a risk of credit card fraud, a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) can keep you safe. You can pay to almost all the websites using a VCC. All you have to do is purchase one and use that at the time of checkout from risky websites. 

If you want to keep your transactions safer, we offer VCCs for you. Our virtual cards are flexible and can be used on almost all websites. We’ll talk about those later. Let’s discuss a bit about VCCs and how they work.

Virtual Cradit Card

What is a VCC?

VCC or Virtual Credit Card is a digital credit card that comes without any physical presence. Once you purchase a VCC, you’ll get the card number and other necessary information required to use in a transaction process. 

Using the information of your VCC, you can make payments on a website. 

Credit card fraud typically happens when your credit card information goes into wrong hands, for example, a bad seller or website hacker. They get the necessary information and take your money using those. 

A VCC contains a small amount of money. In such a case, even if any fraud gets your card information, you won’t lose a huge amount. 

It is an extra safety step in the case of online payment. While paying to a website that seems risky, you can use VCC.

Where to Buy VCC?

Nowadays, most major card issuers offer virtual cards to their clients. For this, you would have to own a credit card from the issuer. They provide you with a virtual number that masks your original credit card number to keep it safe from fraud. 

In the case of such VCCs, you’ll get the scope of fixing a limit or changing the expiry date to keep your card safe from fraud. 

Also, you’ll find some third parties offering VCCs from major credit card companies. They offer something more, like a replacement opportunity, multiple options, etc., to attract potential customers.

You’ll see some companies offering their own VCCs only. They don’t offer physical credit cards. 

How does VCC Work?

Once you purchase your VCC from any of the companies, you’ll get the card number, expiry date, CVV, and other necessary information through e-mail. That’s the card you ordered. 

You can start utilizing the card right after receiving it. 

While checking out, use the card number, CVV, and expiry date in the appropriate fields and proceed. You’ll get the payment done. 

So, you can see that VCC is nothing extraordinary. This is just another card number having a way lower using limit and short lifespan. Also, it is not a physical credit or debit card.

Benefits of VCC

Secured Payment

With VCC, you can pay safely to risky websites. Online payment with credit cards requires you to submit important credit card information. When you can pay with a card that has a limit and close expiry date, your bucks are safer.

Anonymous Payment

You can pay anonymously with a VCC. VCCs don’t come with your real information in most cases. Also, other providers keep your information secret. VCCs also expire within a few days. So, your identity is completely hidden when you use a VCC.

Low Cost

If you want to grab your VCC from your credit card provider, you won’t have to spend any additional bucks in most cases. In the case of other providers, you’ll have to spend a small amount as a fee, maybe 5%-10%. So, you can see that this additional layer of security won’t cost you much.

Tension-free Payment

Your identity is hidden, and your credit card information is safe when you pay using a VCC. So, what else do you need to ensure a secured payment? You can stay tension-free while paying when you have a VCC to make a payment. 

Why Choose Us?

Quick Delivery

Maybe you’re in a hurry, but don’t worry. We’re quicker than most others out there. After ordering a VCC, you’ll have to wait for a maximum of two hours. However, we do it faster in most cases. So you’ll get it quickly.

Affordable Pricing

We don’t ask for much compared to the service we provide. We’ve kept our VCCs affordable so that you get an added safety layer at a reachable cost. Compare with others, and you’ll see the difference in price.

Customer Support

We have a customer support team to help you with anything regarding the VCC service. You can reach us anytime you need something. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with answers to your questions.

Smooth Process

Having a VCC from us is not a tough task. All you need to do is reach us, letting know your expectations, and making the payment. We’ll get back to you with your expected virtual credit card.

Types of VCCs We Offer

Currently, we’re offering two types of VCCs- reloadable and non-reloadable.

  • Reloadable VCCs- These are virtual credit cards you can reload multiple times within the expiry date. Typically, these cards come with a longer time.
  • Non-reloadable VCCs- These virtual credit cards can’t be reloaded. Once you finish the amount, the card is also gone. Non-reloadable cards come with a short lifespan.

Benefits of Our VCCs

Accessible for Everyone

We don’t have any restrictions for the users of our VCC. Anybody from any part of the world can get our VCC and use it. We don’t have any age restrictions too. So, you won’t need to be 18 years or older to use our VCCs.

Ready to Use

As soon as you get our VCC, you can start using that. We send it in a ready-to-use condition. So, you can pay to a website just after receiving the e-mail containing your VCC information. You won’t have to wait a second.

Accepted Widely

A wide number of locations and websites accept our VCC cards, especially the reloadable ones. So, no matter where you want to make the payment, you can take the help of our VCCs. Communicate with us for any questions regarding this.

Gift Material

As accepted widely and no identity is required, you can use our VCCs as gifts. Send a specific amount of prepaid VCC to your favorite ones so they can buy their gifts. This saves your time too as you don’t have to go to the store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We don’t offer a refund on our VCCs. However, if you face any problem with the VCC we provide, we can offer you a replacement for that. Replacements are available until your problem is genuine. We can replace the card multiple times if you face problems. 

However, in case there is a fault on our end, we can consider a refund.

We accept multiple payment methods. All the common methods, including credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, etc., are accepted here. Let us know your comfortable method.

We typically don’t take more than two hours to send the cards. If you don’t get it even after two hours, please wait another hour. Or you can communicate with us through our customer support system.